BLU-MIN Liquid Zinc Sulfate provides the same agronomic functions dry fertilizers do, only in liquid form. It contains 12% zinc, is 100% water-soluble and has extremely low levels of impurities.

Its primary usage is a direct foliar application (sprayed directly on the plant rather on the soil) on such perennial crops as apples, almonds, pears and hops. BLU-MIN Liquid Zinc Sulfate is also used as an ingredient in many foliar feeds and is sold directly to many formulators.

Bulk liquid trucks can be loaded at this station at the same time that dry products are being loaded in their area. This same 12% zinc liquid is also the feed stock for the granulation plant.

BLU-MIN Liquid Zinc Sulfate is available in bulk FOB our Moxee, WA facility. We can fill your totes as well.